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Can you Get rid of Cellulite?

Can you get rid of Cellulite?As you can imagine we deal with this often at Body Solutions.  And we all know those people who exercise all the time, eat clean and still have a bit of unwanted cottage cheese some where on the legs.  So...

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4 Reasons Why You Have to Eat Organic Meats

4 Reasons Why You Have To Eat Organic Meats So we hear this alot, organic this organic that.  But why?  Ideally you would eat all items organic but if that is not feasible either because of your budget or proximity to an organic grocer at the...

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Zinc your best friend!

 Zinc Your Best Friend! We get asked often which supplements do what, how much of this should I take, does this new potion work for fat loss, etc. etc.   But basic fundamental vitamins and minerals are often overlooked as they are not quite sexy enough.  However,...

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