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"Joining was The best decision I've ever made!"

Body Solutions Concierge Service Will Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life. You’re Not Too Busy To Lose Weight and Keep It Off.

Free Cheat Sheet Reveals: Fast And Delicious Meal Secrets That Make Weight Loss Easy.

    Personal Trainers Overland Park

    We give personalized attention to each of our clients. You will feel encouraged, inspired, and motivated by our highly experienced coaches.

    Supercharge Your Energy

    Win at work and home. Feel ready to conquer the world.

    Build Muscle

    Get strong. You’ll dominate the competition

    Lose Fat

    No more yo-yo dieting. Keep the weight off forever.

    Be The Best

    You’ll be ready to win at all aspects of life.

    Take Action

    It’s time. We’ll handcraft something just for you.

    Apply Now

    We’ll hop on a call to see if there is a match.

    Why Not The Best?

    You deserve the best expert advice on how to live a happier and healthier life. We deliver with total solutions, handcrafted just for you.

    How Body Solutions Changes Lives!

    • "Working with Matt online I regained the body I lost! I was stuck, frustrated and gaining weight. Nothing was working. The transformation program was easy, I ate real food, still got to have my wine and loved the workouts and weekly coaching support session. Totally recommend it!"

    • "I have never felt so strong, recovered so well and been this lean. Matt knows exactly how to manipulate nutrition for fat loss and gaining muscle. I feel great and couldn’t be happier with my success."

    • "Seriously, if you haven’t been to Matt, you need to check it out. Working on my little taco Paleo salad for tonight."

    • "Basically, nothing I was doing was working and didn’t have the time to figure it out. Matt made an entire program for me. He showed me what to eat and how to work out. I can do 15 pull-ups and deadlift 365 lbs at age 57."

    • “As a Doctor, I know the importance of exercise and nutrition. Matt Troup has helped me to become stronger and healthier. He has more knowledge and credentials about nutrition than most Doctors."

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    Personal Trainers Overland Park Ks

    We are the most professional personal trainers in Overland Park Ks and Leawood Ks. We do Lifestyle Coaching, Lab Testing, Fitness Training, Fitness Coaching, and Nutrition Coaching for long-term results. Body Solutions offers in-person personal training programs for individuals in the Kansas City area. Custom training program to fit your busy schedule. Get your unique nutrition plans!

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