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nutrition coaching overland park

Overland Park Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Body Solutions is Overland Park’s premiere private fitness facility.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the one-on-one attention and personalized fitness plans to help them meet their fitness goals with these services:

Work out with one of our fitness professionals one on one or in a small group setting.  At Body Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you change and take control of your body.

Click here for a virtual tour of our facility!

Body Solutions is conveniently located at 135th & Antioch in south Overland Park, directly in front of the Palazzo Theaters, next door to Mr. Gyros Greek Food and Pastry. Just a block away from highway 69, we are only a few minutes away from nearly any neighborhood in Overland Park.

We are a high-end, private, and spotlessly clean facility with the best trainers and 2,600 square feet of the latest equipment. No lines, no hassles, just great results.

Personal Training
in Overland Park

Complete and personalized attention from a Body Solutions Personal Trainer is the fastest way to achieve your goals.  Your trainer’s sole mission is to get you to your goal as quickly and safely as possible.

You’ll  be successful by learning about about proper nutrition and  exercise form along the way.

Some of the senior Body Solutions trainers are also Nutrition Coaching specialists.  There are very few in the area. Not only does Body Solutions have the most on staff but we also have the most experienced in town.    This advanced training allows your trainer to formulate the optimal supplement, nutrition and training plan to naturally assist your hormones.

Personal training rates: $60 per half hour, $120 per hour.

Small Group Training rates: $50 per hour, groups of 6 (by invitation only) membership required

Trainer Backgrounds:

  • Weight loss
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Performance 
  • Nutrition coaching (general health, specific health issues, disordered eating)
personal trainers kansas city

Small Group Training

This is our complete transformation group program. Everything you need to get results quickly. 

We include 

  • 3 group sessions a week
  • nutrition coaching and menus
  • weekly accountability 
  • members only Facebook group with weekly trainings, education, workouts, recipes 

Small Group is offered at 5 am or 6 am Mon, Wed, Friday is by invitation only.  

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to set up a call. 

Lab Testing Hair Analysis Testing (HTMA)

Ever wonder why a diet or fitness program works for someone else and not you?

How many times have you tried something and it didn’t work even though you followed it completely?Super frustrating.  Well the good news is, it’s not your fault.  Your mineral patterns determine how you will respond to a dietary approach, training intervention, sleep, supplements and how well you will lose fat.

Until recently, there was no convenient or affordable way to measure your mineral patterns.  Now, with our Hair Analysis Fitness Testing Program,  you can easily and quickly learn what approach will work for you to get the fastest results, with a simple test that you can do at home.

A Hair Analysis Fitness Test could be right for you if: 

  • Trying to lose weight
  • Trying to maintain weight (after a weight management program or other nutritional changes)
  • Diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or other weight-related conditions
  • Interested in improving overall health and fitness
  • Are concerned about heavy metal toxicity 

Many factors influence your mineral patterns in the hair, making it unique to you. These include diet, training, calorie intake, nutrient status, stress,  and sleep.

What does the test show? 

These traits are different than those tested for diagnostic purposes. Rather than testing for things like cancer or a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s disease or Huntington’s disease, health and wellness testing will assess things like weight loss ability, macronutrient utilization or athletic performance.

Typically, health and wellness tests break down into three categories:

  • Weight loss ability
  • Athletic performance
  • Nutrients

Weight Loss Ability

Labs review your hair for various mineral patterns which show what issues your body has and how to address. When analyzed together, those traits indicate the person’s weight loss ability based on their genetics. Something to keep in mind here is that everyone can lose weight, so this test is not going to tell them they won’t lose weight. What it will tell them is what they need to do to achieve that weight loss goal based on their genetic predisposition.

Common traits evaluated for weight loss ability may include:

  • Metabolic rate & Thyroid health 
  • Body composition abilities 
  • Macronutrient utilization
  • Micronutrient tendencies
  • HDL, glucose, triglyceride, and insulin sensitivity 

Athletic Performance

The process for a hair test for athletic performance is the same as the weight loss ability test. The difference is the mineral variants and mineral patterns get tested. An athletic performance  test isn’t going to say that your client could be a professional athlete or not. Rather, it indicates areas where they can excel and use their current traits to their advantage. Conversely, it will also show them where they may need to work a little harder to combat a genetic predisposition.

Typical traits tests for athletic performance are:

  • Body composition response to exercise
  • Macronutrient utilization
  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Fitness response to cardio
  • Recovery and Injury Risk


As with both weight loss and athletic performance testing, nutrient testing looks a third configuration of hair mineral pattern variants and genetic traits. This is where your client will learn more about traits such as their ability to process protein. Typical traits tested for nutrients may include:

  • Protein, carbohydrate, and fat utilization
  • Vitamin and mineral tendencies
  • Addictive behavior and stimulus control
  • Injury risk
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Sleep duration

How does the test work?

  • Collecting the Data Sample
    Your certified professional will provide a HTMA collection kit, consisting of a simple instructions of how to perform the hair test at home.  
  • Receiving the Results
    Once your trainer or nutritionist receives your report, they’ll show you and explain how your body is impacted by what you eat and how you exercise. You’ll receive a copy of your individual report and, by working together, know exactly what to do
    based on your mineral patterns

How long does it take to get my results? 

Results are quick, typically 2 weeks.

What do I get with my test?

Once your results are ready, you will have a lab review session  where we review your data with you and how you can immediately implement it towards your goals.  You will also get a protocol and directions on what do to with the test and how to improve your results. 

How much does it cost? 

The test & results review session  are $300.

How can I sign up? 

Email us at info@bodysolutionskc.com and in the subject line state “HTMA Based Fitness Program Sign Up.”  We will reach out to you, set up a time to quick phone call to review your goals and make sure the test is right for you, answer any questions you have and if you’re a good fit, we will get you started right away.

We also use blood, hormone, urine, and stool testing as needed per client.  Have issues with brain fog, fatigue, bloating, reflux, weight loss resistance?  Let’s get to root cause and see whats really going on.  Contact us to chat more about our lab testing programs.  

Nutrition Coaching Overland park

What if you could quickly and naturally delve deep into your hormonal and biochemical make up and formulate a rapid response to anything that could be holding your body back from achieving its full potential.

What if you could identify exactly why you feel so listless in the afternoon or why when you diet and exercise you never see the results you hoped for.

What if you too could assess the health of your thyroid, reproductive system, and your tolerance to the stress and toxicity of a busy life without resorting to invasive, time consuming and hideously expensive blood tests and medication?

Well imagine no more.

Our Nutrition Coaching program is based on the theory that where people store body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile.

A midsection that is fat in relation to the rest of the body is  indicator of stress. The problem is if stress is left untreated your body shape will be the last thing on your mind as stress is a killer.  The good news is once identified, it can be corrected naturally.

Your bodyfat levels and corresponding hormonal imbalances can be improved and managed through a combination of diet, exercise,  a targeted supplementation program and lifestyle modifications. Our Nutrition Coaching certified assessors will develop a plan based on your unique bio signature.

Nutrition Coaching protocols played the key role in Issac’s 8 week transformation 18.4% to 8.1%*

Dee Dee’s 90 day transformation: down 30 lbs and 9% body fat*

Rick’s transformation: down 17 of fat, increased lean tissue by 14  pounds. Went from 20% to 10% bodyfat at 57!*

Your Personal Nutrition Coaching plan is aimed to positively affect:

  • Thyroid and  Insulin management
  • Androgens (testosterone) and  growth hormone
  • Improving sleep and energy levels
  • Body composition
  • Reduce estrogens and environmental toxins (losing cellulite)

Proper Nutrition Coaching is the closest thing to real spot reduction. Fat is either a toxin or inflammation, reduce the toxin and the fat will go away, lower the inflammation at the fat will be reduced. Each person’s problem is different and once identified the body is primed to be healthy and lean.

How Long Does a Nutrition Coaching Assessment Take?

The initial assessment can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. Your  practitioner then takes time to analyze the results and research the best plan to target you getting optimal results and re-balance your hormones.

What Do I Get with the Program?

Our job is to INTERPRET the data and map out a plan to implement in your daily life.  By doing this you are trying to correct your body naturally without expensive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs you will have to be on the rest of your life that can cause other issues and don’t always work.   We leave nothing to chance in your program and we will recommend protocols that can modulate your readings back to their optimal levels and losing fat.

How Long Before I see Results?

That will depend on many factors that range from the type and duration of your hormone imbalance, activity level, current stress & sleeping patterns and your compliance.  In our experience and the feedback we have measured, 99% of our clients see results within the first two weeks and sometimes in as little as a few days.

12 week Nutrition Coaching program is  $350 per month plus supplementation,

After the initial meeting you will meet each week with your Practitioner for a remeasure and assessment of your current state.  At that point your practitioner will either continue the weekly plan as needed or change giving you new guidance for that week.