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Fitness Training & Lifestyle Coaching Overland Park

Get The Body You Want and The Health You Deserve To Accomplish More and Lead A Happier Life

There Is Nothing “Normal” About Mediocrity.
Why Not The Best?

Online Fitness Training Overland Park

Online Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching

You don’t settle for second best in your professional life. You are determined and focused. That’s what’s made you the success you are.

You’d like to be as successful at fitness as you are at work. But it’s hard to find the time because so many people depend on you for so much. So sometimes you don’t put your own health and happiness first.

Ask yourself these questions…

Are you happy with your body?  Your health? How you look in the mirror when you get out of the shower?

Would you like to find the time for fitness on your busy schedule so you can make your good life even better?

That would be great, right?

Maybe you’d like to play with your children without feeling winded, tired or feeling pain.

Or maybe you would like to be excited to go on vacation and actually be proud to seen in your swimsuit…for once.

But you need to make the most out your limited time.

Who We Are And How We Can Help!

We’re Matt Terry and Matt Troup of Body Solutions. Read our full stories here.

We can help you. That’s because we are a lot like you. We bring to the table our “been there, done that” experience with ourselves and clients.

But don’t just take our word our it. Ask some of our satisfied clients.


“Basically nothing I was doing was working and didn’t have the time to figure it out. Matt made an entire program for me showing me what to eat and how to work out. My bodyfat is down from 20% to 10%. I can do 15 pull-ups and lift heavy weights.”

Dee Dee

“Working with Matt Troup I lost almost 30 lbs. I found it easy and doable. I made a few minor adjustments to my nutrition and trained with him 3 days a doing effective and efficient workouts that really worked.”


“Matt not only helped me get into better shape and lose 45 lbs but he also let me know why we were doing what we were doing and why it would work. I would definitely recommend working with him. He also helped my wife lose over 20 lbs and helped her fix her digestive issues”

Fitness Training in Overland park
What Really Works and Why It Matters

It’s all about quality, and not quantity. That’s why we focus on working hard but smart.

Efficiency matters. So does doing what’s right for you.

Forget about “No Pain No Gain!” or a drill sergeant mentality. You’re not an 18-year-old in USMC boot camp. So it won’t work for you.

Forget about doing multiple exercises in a single circuit.  This can be a great way to elevate your heart rate and sweat. But too many poorly done reps when you are tired could lead to injury.

So the risk is too great. We know this because we are experts with multiple degrees and certifications and tens of thousands of hours of practical experience in training people just like you.

That’s why we emphasize perfect formand focusing on the highest value activities.

You are not a 20-year-old bodybuilder who lives at the gym. Even working out for 60 minutes five days a week is just not going to happen for you. But how about:

Four 30-minute workouts a week that can really change your body and your life.

Sound good?

Would you like to have so much energy that you excel at work AND keep up with your family? You can.

Why Choose Us As Your Coaches?

Personalization. Every client is different and has different exercise histories, injuries, ability level, and schedule. We don’t use cookie cutter programs.  We’ll handcraft something special just for you and busy lifestyle.

Eat Foods You Like.  While what you do for workouts is extremely important, you cannot “out train” a poor diet.  But do you enjoy having an occasional glass of wine? Or special dessert? We can still make it work.

Consistent Check-ins. You’ll keep on track to achieve your goals.  You will get constant support and encouragement via phone, skype, email and app. 


Why Online Coaching Works?

  1. The Price Is Right

Online coaching is a great option. For less than what you’d pay for a daily coffee and breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, you can invest in  yourself by purchasing 90 days of custom workouts, nutritional consultations and meal plans, supplement recommendations based on your goals.

  1. Time Management

There are only a certain number of 6 AM time slots available to our in-person clients. 5:30 PM?  Same issue. Why not choose when you want to exercise? Why not workout when you have the time and energy, and not when your trainer’s schedule allows.

  1. Expertise

Our backgrounds include multiple certifications, degrees and over 30 years of combined personal training hundreds of clients with a consistent track record of getting results.

Is Online Coaching for You?

All our programs are tailored to you and your needs. You’ll get everything you need via email and we’ll follow up via Skype or phone, adjusting the program as we needed.

The results may just change your life. We’d love to hear from you to see if you are a good match for our programs.

We want to be your coaches. BUT you’ll have to put in the work.

Excel at life, at home, at work, your sporting hobbies.  Whatever life throws at you, you’ll be ready.

Are you ready to make a change?

To review, online coaching:

  • More cost-effective than 1:1 in-person training
  • Train when and where you want
  • You will be guided every step to change your health and body.

Only one question…

When are you getting started?

If you don’t take action now, ask yourself why. Is the pain of staying the same greater than the pain it takes to change?

You can finally take control of your body, your health, your life.  Stop accepting yourself as you are. Become your best self now.