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Zinc your best friend!

 Zinc Your Best Friend!

We get asked often which supplements do what, how much of this should I take, does this new potion work for fat loss, etc. etc.   But basic fundamental vitamins and minerals are often overlooked as they are not quite sexy enough.  However, if you truly understood what those basics did for you, you WOULD think they are super sexy!
So today a little education on the mother of all minerals, the one you shouldnt be without and the one a majority of all people are deficient in.  Drum role please….Zinc!
So what does Zinc do?

  1. Helps increase testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 naturally.  Zinc is the building mineral of androgen (male hormone) production.  Without it, both males and females will have a hard time putting on muscle, recovering and an easier time gaining fat tissue.
  2. Helps your immune system function better.  When you are stressed from life, work or training your Zinc levels are used up quickly.  When this happens you are more likely to get sick.
  3. Can help block cortisol (anytime testosterone is high cortisol has to be low and vice versa).  Having a high Zinc level is part of an anti-cortisol and high-testosterone protocol.
  4. Helps with male & female re-productivity and fertility.   Going back to point 1, it helps with all androgen both male and female production.  This means you are better at making babies!
  5. Helps boost brain function and prevent cancer.  this according to Ananda Prasad, a leading researcher on Zinc and health states, “Along with prostate cancer, low zinc plays a role in the development of most cancers since it is instrumental in healthy cell proliferation. Recent evidence links zinc deficiency to cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries, lungs, skin, and leukemia.”
  6. Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and detox brain of heavy metals.
  7. Can elevate mood and help avoid depression
  8. Has been used to help treat ADHD.

And the list goes on and on.  If those reasons listed are not enough for you to start taking it then you have bigger problems.
 How can you test for low Zinc levels?
1.  You can use a Zinc Sulfate liquid solution.  You put the liquid in your mouth and based on your taste response it is a good indication if you are Zinc deficient.
2.  Get a Zinc blood test.  Not just serum Zinc levels as you only have about 1% of your supply in your blood stream at any given time but a red blood cell Zinc test (RBC Zinc test).  This is the true way to measure it.

What are some symptoms of being deficient?
It will lead to an altered sense of taste, you would crave sweeter or saltier foods.  Other symptoms; diarrhea, inability to concentrate, bad moods, lack of energy, constantly sick,  poor sleep quality.
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