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4 Reasons Why You Have to Eat Organic Meats

4 Reasons Why You Have To Eat Organic Meats 

So we hear this alot, organic this organic that.  But why?  Ideally you would eat all items organic but if that is not feasible either because of your budget or proximity to an organic grocer at the very least you should get your meats and dairy as organic as possible.   At least with produce you can attempt to wash off the toxins and pesticides somewhat, this is not possible with meats & dairy.
Since we are not big dairy fans (for reasons much longer than this article will allow) we will focus on organic meats.
 Reason #1 for Organic Meats
Non-organic meats contain chemicals, pro-hormones, and antibiotics you will ingest.  These items will alter your Estrogen levels thereby lowering your Testosterone levels.  This will increase body fat, decrease energy levels and alter Cortisol.  These items also affect Thyroid production and decrease metabolism.  The other thing to remember is we are all born with inactive cancer cells in us, it is what turns them on that matters.  Items high in environmental estrogens have been shown to do so.   True organic meats contain no chemicals, pro-hormones or antibiotics hence no risk.
Reason #2 for Organic Meats
The other reason is often misunderstood.  Most people claim animal fat is bad,  and causes heart attacks.  This is partly true.  What really happens is grain fed, non-organic and processed meats cause heart issues mainly Atherosclerosis and it is because of the high content of palmitic acid in non-organic processed meats.  Palmitic acid has been traced to heat disease and arterial blockage.
Now, organic grass fed meats contain stearic acid which does the opposite.  It actually helps remove cholesterol and grass fed meats are dramatically lower (almost 10 times lower) in saturated fats.   Cultures such as the Eskimo or Yanamomo in Brazil who eat an almost exclusive high animal fat and protein diet have virtually no incident of high cholesterol or heart disease.  This finding is consistent across the board of indigenous cultures who eat high organic animal meat/ fat diets.
Reason #3 for Organic meats
When you buy a non-organic meat it has been grain fed.  When something is grain fed it gets large and fat quickly.  That fat however is very high in saturated fat and Omega 6 fatty acids which increase inflammation.  This not only increases internal aches and pains but it also increases your C-reactive protein which is a marker for inflammation and arterial blockage.
Organic meats are grass fed, which means they are high in Omega 3s, which reduce inflammation, heart disease and high cholesterol to name one of the few benefits out of hundreds for Omega 3s.
Reason #4 for Organic Meats
Organic meats are also very high in Zinc (helps recovery, stress and immune function) and Iron (prevents Anemia.)  Also the bioavailability (ability to absorb) of organic meats is as high as it gets, much higher than any supplement you could ever take.  Side note, high levels of Zinc actually increase your testosterone levels naturally.  Another reason why high organic meat diets have been linked to very high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen.
Now getting it can be very tricky.  If you live in Kansas or Missouri you can get it here.  If you are else where simply google “organic grocer shipping nationwide” and you will find a few.
The debate rages on and we know that there is no 100% guarantee what you are getting is Organic BUT finding the right vendor, straight from the farm, is comparable to any grocer in terms of price.  So knowing what health benefits organic meats possess and all of the negative, cancer causing, heart blocking issues non-organic meats causes the question is why would you ever risk it?
Food for thought…
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