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Can you Get rid of Cellulite?

Can you get rid of Cellulite?Get Rid of Cellulite Overland Park

As you can imagine we deal with this often at Body Solutions.  And we all know those people who exercise all the time, eat clean and still have a bit of unwanted cottage cheese some where on the legs.  So what do you do?  Should you use some sort of dermal treatment that is only temporary, surgery,etc?
Well up until recently cellulite was thought of as a breakdown in the fat matrix of the legs which is why some treatments that involve reshaping the fat on the legs will last…at least for a while and then the unwanted excess baggage comes back.  So again, what is really going on?
What actually causes someone to store more fat on their legs then they want is because of estrogen toxins.  The body takes in toxins daily, if you in the U.S., you deal with an average of 500 a day.  So when these toxins hit us, our bodies store the toxins in fat tissue all over the body.  Usually starts with the belly and legs then moves on to chest, arms, face and finally when we run out of room the brain.
Certain toxins, called xenoestrogens, your body stores specifically on the legs.   And unless you get ride of those estrogens your body is holding onto you wont release the stored fat on your legs.  Side note here:  if you carry much of your fat on your legs you should avoid cycling, it will make the problem worse.  More on that later too much to cover in this article.
There are certain natural protocols someone can go on involving herbs, dietary changes and lifestyle changes that will flush some of the estrogen to the GI tract and now it waits for excretion BUT if you do not get ride of it then your body has a way of cutting the estrogen molecule in half and the bad half gets set back into circulation throughout the body to find a place to store itself.   So in order to get ride of the xenoestrogen holding onto the fat on your legs the toxin not only has to be moved to the GI tract but moved out of the body, usually through fiber.
So back to the legs..the cause is estrogen has bound itself to the fat on the legs.  The quads are a marker of internal estrogens and the hamstrings are a marker for xenoestrogens (enviornmental estrogens).    So get ride of the estrogens and get ride of the fat on your legs, regardless if you are male or female.
Lifestyle estrogen detox tips:
– Drink only filtered water: there are over 142 known toxins in each states water supply.  Get a Brita it kills everything but bacteria.  And you would know if there was an E Coli outbreak in your water supply!
-Use a filter on your shower head.  Most people totally miss this but the skin is the largest filter and attractors of toxins in your body.  For example, wipe and alcohol swab on your skin and its in your liver in 4 seconds.  Get a shower filter for under $50 and you are set.
-Eat organic foods!!! Cant say this one enough, one of the largest suppliers of toxins converting to estrogens in our lives are pesticide laden foods.
-Use aluminum free deodorants, pararben free lotions and fluoride free tooth paste.  Think fluoride is good for you, do a little research and it will scare you so bad you will never use it again (hint, its a major toxin from aluminum run off) You can read one study here.
-NEVER touch a receipt.  They are loaded with BPA and your body will convert that into a xenoestrogen storing more toxic fat on the back of your legs.
-NEVER microwave plastics-same as previous point.
The rest are individual based supplement protocols that would depend on current diet, medical back ground and health history.
How do we measure all this at Body Solutions?  Through a 12 site skinfold test that is a blueprint for your personal bodyfat storage, why you store it and how to get ride of it.  Once we have this data we can put together a plan to eliminate fat in each area that holds a specific toxin.  Once the toxin is gone your protocol is complete and as long as you maintain your lifestyle changes it should stay gone.
Stay tuned for site specific fat loss tips!
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