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Why men lost fat faster than women…

We have all seen those commercials, “my  husband cut out soda and lost 30 lbs, I exercise, eat perfect and lost 2!”  This is very common in our nutrition programs as well.  Wife comes in, works with us and is doing well.  The husband, to be supportive and since he is going to eat what wife tells him, does the same program and loses 2 to 3 times as much is the same amount of time.  Frustrating for the wife, you bet!
So you often hear us say two things.  1) men lose fat faster than women and 2) fat loss is hormonal.  So what does that mean?  Well they actually both go together really well and here is a brief science lesson on why.  Now, keep in mind there are several other reasons like thyroid function, estrogen to testosterone to progesterone levels, menopause etc.  But here is one major factor…
We all know women tend to store more fat around hips, butts and thighs, while men tend to store fat around the middle, yes?  And we know men tend to lose fat everywhere (most of the time) pretty evenly and women seem to lose up top and around the waist, yes?  Here is why..
You have two adrenergic receptors:  beta (fat burning) and alpha (slows down fat burning).  Men tend to have more beta receptors overall especially on their lower body while more alpha in the stomach (on occasion).  Women have more alpha receptors especially on hips, butt and thighs..seeing a trend yet?
So yes its easier for men to lose fat because they have more beta receptors all over.  This is also a reason why women can do massive amounts of exercise, eat very little BUT still have lower body fat and cellulite.  Because why?  It’s a HORMONAL issue, NOT a calorie or exercise issue!
Now there are specific ways to eat, ways to train and supplements to take to help alpha receptors slow or shut down while keeping your beta receptors humming along.
But those recommendations can be different depending on your situation and needs tweaking for each individual which is why we won’t be throwing out blanket recommendations on this.  The point is to understand there are reasons why your body reacts differently then say your husbands or boyfriends, and it’s hormonal!  And there are things you can do about it…