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What Supplements Should You Take?

“What supplements should I be taking?”

This is a question we get asked everyday.

It’s confusing!  There’s  alot of information out there and even more clever marketing promising to increase your metabolism, help you sleep, raise your testosterone, better recovery from exercise, boost your thyroid,  lose belly fat etc.

BUT which things really work? And should I try to get it from food or supplements?

Your first focus should be food. Supplements are meant to compliment your diet.  So start with diet first.  If you have no idea how you should set up your nutrition plan for results contact us and see if you are a good fit for our nutrition coaching program…

Now,  even a perfect diet isn’t going to cover every nutritional base.   We have nutrient depleted soils, compromised digestion,  and stress all of which affect how our bodies absorb and process nutrients.

So if we are trying to truly be our best selves what supplements should we use to boost our health, performance and vitality?

Let’s start with the basics.

*This is simply a recommendation, NOT medical advice.  As always if you are on medications (especially blood thinners) or pregnant / nursing check with your physician prior to taking anything! 

  1. Multivitamin: this is a great tool to make sure you have no nutritional deficiencies regardless of your chosen dietary plan (keto, paleo, vegan, etc.

For women who still menstruate you need one with iron: you can get it here

For men and postmenopausal women you want an iron free one: you can get it here

2.  Fish Oil:  omega 3 to omega 6 balance is crucial.  This helps with lowering inflammation,     balancing triglycerides, help with cholesterol management and brain / eye health.  Dose is typically 1 to 3 grams a day.  To determine dose add DHA and EPA together to equal one gram.

For Vegans: you can get it here

Non Vegans: you can get it here

3.  Vitamin D / K2: Vitamin D should come in D3 form and be balanced with K2 to help vitamin D go were it should and prevent calcifications of tissue.  Not something you want to mega dose, typically 2,ooo to 5,000 IEUs daily is sufficient.  Get your vitamin D blood levels checked about every 90 days to 6 months.

For Vegans: get it here

Non Vegans: get it here

4. Zinc / Copper: these are two crucial minerals and they need to be balanced together.  Zinc is a huge immune booster, helps with testosterone management, and should be balanced with copper to avoid a deficiency.  It also helps hair, skin and nails dramatically.

Women 1 cap a day, Men 2 Caps a day: get it here

5. Magnesium: without a doubt one of the most crucial minerals and it’s estimated 80% of Americans are deficient.  Help balance cortisol, keep your relaxed, energy metabolism, sleep and digestion.  We cannot stress the importance of magnesium.  You lose it every time you are stressed or sweat!

Typical Daily Dose is 400 to 600 mg.  Divide dose throughout the day.  If you get loose stools back off your dose off by 50%.  Get it here 

Optional: If you are having digestive issues like gas, bloating, GERD, or constipation try these.  Quick note if you are having these problems your nutrition and lifestyle need an overhaul as these are fixable but you can use these recommendations to help manage symptoms.  

Digestive Enzymes: Take one to two capsules before your meal.  Get it here

No Gallbladder: use this product  and the digestive enzymes as well to help digest and absorb fats.  Typical dose is 2 caps with a meal.  With no gallbladder your ability to digest fats and absorb vitamins A,D,E and K will be drastically impaired.  This can negatively affect immune function and hormonal metabolism.

For leaky gut: nothing compares to this product! It starts to seal the gaps in the intestines within 30 minutes.   Dose is 1 teaspoon with each meal.

These are a great place to start and will cover most bases for most people.  Using these to fill in gaps with a proper nutrition program, good sleep and exercise plan will do absolute wonders for your body!

Still have questions?  We work with clients online and in-person to design custom nutrition and exercise plans to get results in half the time, take the guess work out of everything and hold you accountable to quickly change your body.  

Our programs are by application only, to see if you qualify apply here and if you are a good match we will be in touch to set up a quick brainstorming call to see how and if we can help you.