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Limiting Factors

Limiting Factors…
Limiting factors are all around us and stop us from achieving our full potential in any endeavor. In the world of fatloss or muscle gain limiting factors are pretty similar.
1. Workouts-either too infrequent or inconsistent
2. Lack of planning- either for meals or a plan in general (lose x number pounds of fat in x weeks etc) or no workout structure.
3. Social support-your friends or family members do not support your goals.
4. Lack of commitment- alot of people are just interested in accomplishing something but few are committed.
5. Your “why” isnt big enough- why are you doing what you are doing? Probably the biggest and most important. When times get tough if your why is big enough you will keep going, if it is not you will become a statistic.
We see over 200 clients a week in our studio and you start to identify these characteristics pretty quickly. Our job is to help you through the process, not just hold you accountable.
First do a self assessment and see where you fall. Do you have a plan? Are you committed? Are you seeing fatloss results (more toned, smaller, clothes fit better, getting stronger) not just the scale moving?
If not maybe its time for help.
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