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How this happened…

How did this transformation happen?

We know many people are curious how this happened, so we interviewed Beth White, the amazing trainer responsible for this to get her take!

Q.  Wow this is pretty awesome Beth, how long did this take and how many days a week was this process?

A.   It took around 4 months or so, Jim was training with me 3 to 4 days a week and doing lifting on his own.  He also does martial arts a few days a week as well.

Q. So did he do tons of cardio and spend all day in the gym or what?

A.  No not at all.  He did zero cardio, only focused on weights and  generally spends an hour or less on his workouts.  He owns a large successful business and has an awesome wife and family he tries to spend most of his time with.  His workouts although important to him did not consume his life.

Q. Was he on some special diet with tons of calorie counting?  Did he ever have “real” food?

A.  His diet was really nothing special.  We increased his protein, veggies and added carbs at the right time.  We dont track calories, I give clients their information in forms of macronutrients and work with them to understand what healthy foods are and what foods will work for them.

Q.  So he had to be taking tons of expensive supplements to get like this…right?

A. No, really just a few essentials we use with most clients.  A good multi, fish oil, digestive support and some magnesium.  A few protein shakes here and there the rest was real, whole food. We also focused heavily on his sleep and recovery. No fat burners or thermogenics.

Q. So did he ever cheat, drink a beer again or live a normal life?

A. While he stayed very good with his nutrition, he did get one cheat meal a week.  He did not drink during this time.

Q.  What do you feel are the real keys to his transformation?

A.  He stayed consistent and did what I told him to.  He also has an amazing wife, Cindy, who helped him stay on track at home! Family support is crucial to big changes in anything in life.  I am sure there were times he wanted to stray, but I know she wouldnt let him.  Plus I gave him things to do weekly and held him accountable as well.

Q. So for his final pics did he do anything special?  You hear people doing prep weeks for pictures and doing special photo shoots etc.  Did you do anything like that for this picture?

A. No, not all!  This picture was taking with my ipad after a training session on a random day.  Nothing special here.

Q. What were his results?

A.  He lost 20 lbs of fat, 10% bodyfat and 5 inches off his wast.

So to recap:

1. no cardio

2. no special crazy diet, powders, fat burners or potions

3. still able to live a normal life, spend time with his family and eat a cheat meal weekly

4. pics taken with a regular camera

This is a great example of what anyone can do with the right guidance, motivation, family support and accountability.  Time frames are irrelevant.  All that matters is that you improve, everyone is different.  The key is getting started.

If you or anyone you know wants results like this contact us today to get started!