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Gluten Free Challenge

Gluten free is an important concept to understand.  Yes there is tons of “research” and studies to show its bad for you; your digestion, your skin, your neurotransmitters and has been linked to 55 different diseases.  But some people still aren’t convinced they should leave it alone. That is until they develop skin issues that look like they have a flesh eating pathogen.
Like the hand of the client in the picture.  The first two pics on the left were what her hand would look like when she ate gluten, the one on the far right is what her hand looks like when she does not eat gluten.  Pretty interesting and the amazing thing is the pic on the far right is virtually healed and it was only 5 DAYS of not eating gluten it almost disappeared.  The condition, is called dermatitis herpetiformis and one she didnt know she had until we convinced her to stop eating gluten for a week and see what happened.
It obviously isnt this easy to spot on everyone.  Our point to her was if the outside of your body looks like this when you eat gluten, what does the inside look like?
Take the gluten free challenge and ditch gluten ONLY for a week and see if you notice better digestion, less allergies, better sleep, even weightloss.  The purpose of only changing on variable (taking out gluten) is so you can easily track the response.  If you remove gluten and something else you won’t know what the true issue was.