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Confused about carbs?

Ask 10 people if carbs are good or bad and you typically get a similar (if not totally unanimous answer) BAD! In fact, some of you reading this might have even winced when you saw the word “carb.”
Well like all nutrients at some point in time, carbs have gotten a bad rep. It is true that most of the time people eat far too many, from the wrong types (sugary, processed) and at the wrong times leading to long term issues with glucose / insulin management and fat gain. This we are not denying. BUT to have none and keep them out for long term, especially if you are active (if you are sedentary totally different story) then you are making a huge mistake and missing a great opportunity for even better success or perhaps a plateau buster.

The big take home is you need to earn your carbs. Now say that with me, “I need to earn my carbs.” Not that you cannot have them, but they need to come from the right sources (low glycemic, non processed, low sugar, etc) at the right time (after exercise or even at dinner) and need to be tailored to your activity level (more active and leaner you get more, less active more body fat you get less.)
Now there are people who will do really well on no carbs at all, and sometimes at least for a brief period of time this can be highly effective (say 2 to 4 weeks at a time) for “rebooting” certain hormones and their receptors. From here you gradually build them back into the diet and find someone’s carb tolerance. It is totally unique. Some are extremely high, some are very low but its very individual. Carb intake is also in relation to protein and fat content in the diet as well. So blanket recommendations of “x” number of grams a day really aren’t that beneficial or accurate.
So as you can see lots of different factors come into play. But here is a great guide we use from Precision Nutrition to help people understand where to start and what portion sizes to play with.
All things exercise and nutrition are highly individual and will need constant tweaking. Generally we adjust these variables weekly for clients based on measurements and results. If you run into issues and need further help contact us. For now try this guide and see how you respond. Happy Hump Day!