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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

Having issues losing the fat around your middle?

Feel like you are “doing everything right” and not seeing progress.

Here are 7 reasons why you might not be seeing results.

1️⃣ You eat too many calories. Before we get all super sexy, start here. Try and track your intake for a few days on myfitnesspal or cronometer to check your intake. It’s simply to give you an idea. For fatloss, a GENERAL calorie recommendation is 12 calories per lb of bodyweight. See how many calories you are eating in relation to that number. IT ISN’T EXACT BUT IT GIVES YOU AN IDEA! Most of the time people find they are eating way too much. If you track and find you are under eating this might also be a problem. This is why weightloss can be so tricky. There is a calorie sweet spot.

2️⃣  You are feeling blue. People with depressive symptoms are more prone to weight gain. Solution? Exercise and get outside!

3️⃣  Your fat intake is off. Studies have shown when people add more monounsaturated fats to their diets (avocado, olives, olive oil, some nuts and seeds) and remove some of the saturated fats (butter, red meat, fattier meats, coconut oil) they see improvements in a lower waist circumference and visceral belly fat. DO NOT fall into the trap you need to “eat fat to lose fat.” Fat is important but its also twice as many calories as protein and carbs. You do NEED fat but simply eating alot more of it, in an effort to lose weight, also means you are eating alot more calories! Be careful.

4️⃣  Your sleep sucks: If you aren’t sleeping fatloss is very difficult and it’s much easier to gain weight. This happens for a couple of reasons. When you don’t sleep it causes alot of stress, stress causes an increase in hunger so you end up eating more. Also when you sleep poorly you start producing more insulin and have a harder time managing glucose and store more things as fat easier.

5️⃣  Your diet is low in minerals, magnesium being one of the biggest. A 2013 study showed people’s diet that was higher in magnesium (greens, beans, nuts and seeds) had lower waist circumference. This is clearly correlative and there could be alot of other factors here too BUT magnesium regulates over 800 reactions in the body so when you are low on it, that’s 800 things that don’t work well!

6️⃣ You drink too much alcohol and calorie laden beverages. Alcohol itself increases estrogen and lowers testosterone ESPECIALLY BEER! So this can be one cause. The other thing alcohol and calorie beverages have? CALORIES! And alot of people don’t take this into account because they aren’t “eating them.” Just because you don’t eat them, doesnt mean they don’t count. Stick to a few drinks a week because calories do add up. IT DOESN’T MEAN you can’t drink! It means be mindful of the calories as this is an easy way to pack extra hidden calories in, you are not aware of. This also goes for other calorie drinks like gatorade etc. We have clients who it sticking points and when we look at their journals we sometimes find they are drinking “healthy” drinks all day that are full of extra calories they aren’t accounting for!

7️⃣  “Do you even lift bro?” In other words do yo lift weights? Do you move? Do you exercise in general? Movement (once diet is in place) helps increase weightloss. So sometimes people plateau because they aren’t moving enough OR hard enough.

So here is a list to look at and compare what you’re doing. Don’t look for the next magic supplement, special workout plan or fad diet.

Start by making sure you have some basics in before you worry about something advanced.

Are you doing these and still not seeing results?  Are you sick and tired of trying?  Feel like nothing is working?

Contact us today and we can set up a quick free 20 minute brainstorming call to see if and and how we can help you.  

You can always make progress sometimes people just lack a plan, accountability or support.  We can help you with all three.