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Matt Terry

Matt Terry: Owner / Personal Trainer

After battling youth obesity most of my life I decided to take my passion full-time to fitness 10 years ago and help men & women learn how to finally take control of their bodies. After helping hundreds of people in Johnson County lose the weight they want rapidly, I have since begun to focus on injury rehabilitation and trigger point release often helping clients continue with workouts post physical therapy including adults up to age 70.  With my background as an Olympic athlete and  College Football Player,  I still work with youth and professional athletes from both MLB and NFL wanting fat loss, be pain free, and improve their performance.

Area of focus: corrective exercise, nutrition coaching & holistic health, sports performance, rehabilitation, Olympic Weightlifting

Email Matt Terry now! B.S. Kinesiology & Nutrition, CSCS,  Bio Signature Practitioner Level 2, NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1,  Metabolic Hormonal Nutrition Coach level 2, Precision Nutrition Level 2, Natural Bodybuilder

Runner up “Best Trainer in Kansas City” 2013


 Olympic Competition History

Member of Men’s National Team from 1997 to 2001
2001 Pam American Games-2nd place
2001 World Team Trials Champion
2001 National Champion
2000 Olympic Trials Champion
2000 American Open Champion
2000 NACAI Champion
2000 National Championships 3rd place
1999 American Open 2nd Place
1999 NY State Champion
1999 National Championships 2nd place
1998 NACAI 3rd place
1998 World Team Trials-3rd place
1998-World Championship team member-14th place
1998-Jr. National Champion
1997-Jr. National Champion
1997 American Open Champion
1996 National Jr. Championships 3rd Place
1996 Colorado State Games Champion
1995 Jr. National Championships 4th place
1995 Junior Olympics 2nd place
1994 Junior Olympics 2nd place
6 time Missouri State Champion and record holder
Resident athlete at U.S. Olympic Training Center for 5 years
Youngest male in the 204 class to clean over 400 lbs

 Best Lifts: 341 lb snatch, 435 pound clean & jerk, 640 lb squat, 450 lb bench-body weight of 200.

Life Time Drug Free Athlete