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Bio Signature Hormone Modulation
Just think if you could quickly and naturally delve deep into your hormonal and biochemical make up and formulate a rapid response to anything that could be holding your body back from achieving its full potential.
What if you could identify exactly why you feel so listless in the afternoon or why when you diet and exercise you never see the results you hoped for?
And what if you too could assess the health of your thyroid, reproductive system, and your tolerance to the stress and toxicity of a busy  life without resorting to invasive, time consuming and hideously expensive blood tests and medication?
Well imagine no more, with our newest service addition known as Bio Signature Modulation.  The terms innovative, ground breaking and spectacular are all too often used without thought or real context.  This is not the case with Bio Signature Modulation and it is this protocol’s stellar reputation amongst the world’s leading professionals  that prompted Matt Terry ,  Matt Troup  to learn it first hand from the man who developed it, Charles Poliquin.
Poliquin has personally trained at an elite level for nearly 30 years including many Olympic and World Championship Gold medalist and professional athletes of numerous sports.  Bio Signature Modulation is based on his theory that where people store body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile.  It took a man of Poliquin’s intellect and decades of experience to correlate all the data and formulate the system used today.  The true genius of the system comes in identifying all the other hormonal issues and coming up with solutions to eliminate them and improve your body and quality of life.
For example, the thickness of a person’s umbilical skin fold is a reflection of cortisol (a stress hormone) out put.  A midsection that is fat in relation to the rest of the body is  indicator of stress.  The problem is if stress is left untreated your body shape will be the last thing on your mind as stress is a killer.  The good news is once identified it can be corrected naturally.
Your bodyfat levels and corresponding hormonal imbalances can be improved and managed through a combination of diet, exercise,  a targeted supplementation program and life style modifications.  Bio Signature Modulation certified assessors will develop a plan based on your unique bio signature.

Bio Signature Modulation protocols played the key role in Issac’s 8 week transformation 18.4% to 8.1%*

Dee Dee’s 90 day transformation: down 30 lbs and 9% body fat*
Kirk’s transformation: down17 of fat, increased lean tissue by 14  pounds. Went from 20% to 7% bodyfat at 57!*
*Results may vary 
Your Personal Bio Signature Modulation plan is aimed to positively effect:
  1. Thyroid & Insulin management
  2. Androgens (testosterone) & Growth Hormone
  3. Sleep & Energy Levels
  4. Body Composition (lose fat)
  5. Reduce Estrogens and environmental toxins (losing cellulite)

The result once completed is improved aspects in every area of your life!  More energy, less body fat, better digestion, deeper sleep and more mental clarity.  By following our customized plans, each person who has completed the Bio Signature program (over 41 and counting) has finished leaner, lighter, stronger, more energetic and happier.  See more success stories here.
Bio Signature Modulation is the closest thing to real spot reduction.  Fat is either a toxin or inflammation, reduce the toxin and the fat will go away, lower the inflammation at the fat will be reduced.  Each person’s signature is different and once identified the body is primed to  be healthy and lean.
How Long Does a Bio Signature Modulation Assessment Take?
The initial assessment can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and is included in your program fees.   Your bio sig practitioner then takes time to analyze the results and research the best plan to target you getting optimal results and re-balance your hormones.
What Do I Get with the Program?
Our job is to INTERPRET the data and map out a plan to implement in your daily life.  By doing this you are trying to correct your body naturally without expensive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs you will have to be on the rest of your life that can cause other issues and don’t always work.   We leave nothing to chance in your program and we will recommend protocols that can modulate your Bio Signature readings back to their optimal levels and losing fat.   Or if you are wishing to get larger and gain muscle mass we can also adjust as needed.
Every Bio Signature Modulation client receives a detailed report including nutritional guidelines, meal plan, supplementation program and overall lifestyle recommendations.
How Long Before I see Results?
That will depend on many factors that range from the type and duration of your hormone imbalance, activity level, current stress & sleeping patterns and your compliance.  In our experience and the feedback we have measured 99% of our clients see results within the first two weeks and sometimes in as little as a few days.
12 week Bio Signature Modulation $200 per month plus supplementation

Will include: 12 meetings, including your initial assessment, supplement report, nutritional plans and ongoing email support.  Supplements are not included and will be based on your unique bio signature.    After the initial meeting you will meet each week with your Bio Signature Practitioner for 15 to 30 minutes for a remeasure and assessment of your current state.  At that point your practitioner will either continue the weekly plan as needed or change giving you new guidance for that week.
*The program last 90 days.  At that point you may be at your goal or half way (depending on where you started) at that point people continue on a month to month basis until they have reached their target or are satisfied with the results.  Everyone’s results will vary.
What do North America’s Top functional medicine doctors have to say about Bio Signature?
“Biosignature Modulation is a revolutionary tool for the clinician who wants to individualize metabolic healing by designing protocols that have the greatest success.”
Suzanne Mack, M.D. North Texas Institute of Functional Medicine
“Bio Signature Modulation is one of the most advanced non-invasive methods available to rapidly and accurately identify insulin resistance and cardiovascular risks.  This allows for on-site effective medical treatment decisions.”
Mark Houston, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.P., F.A.H.A., Clinical Professor of Medicine (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)
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