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You May Need HCL!

 You may need HCL.. Why you may need HCL

Today now more than ever so many people are handicapped by poor diets.  This creates a wicked roller coaster of not being able to absorb nutrients, becoming more hungry, less nourished, can’t recover, cannot put on lean tissue or take off fat.  Sound familiar?
Well Body Solutions Personal Trainers has a solution for you.  One that has been tried and tested for many years in Eastern Cultures.  Simply increase your HCL.
HCL is the digestive acid in your stomach.  As you age, become more stressed, eat processed foods and high sugar foods your stomach loses the ability to effectively break down and absorb nutrients.  Hence the reason why people do not see results.
Who are candidates for HCL?

  • ever feel bloated or gassy after a meal
  • belch after meals
  • tired and lethargic
  • brital hair and nails
  • cant seem to put on muscle mass
  • cant seem to recover
  • cannot seem to lose fat
  • 30 or older

There you have it, pretty much everyone!  What should you look for?  Look for an HCL supplement with pepsin.  There are two different places you can order from, vitamin shoppe here or Charles Poliquin online here.  Charle’s products are pharmaceutical grade and are relatively inexpensive.
How much do I take?
Great question!  There is a specific test to determine dosage.  Eat a meal of protein and veggies.  Before the meal take 2 capsules of HCL then eat.  If after the meal you do not feel a mild warming sensation or burning in your stomach, next meal take 3 and repeat before each meal till you feel the burning sensation.  ONCE you feel the burning sensation cut back one capsule, that is your dosage.  Stay at the dosage till you begin to feel the burning sensation with 2, then cut back to 1, etc. never taking more than 1500 mg per meal!  DO NOT TAKE if you have a history of ulcers.
The true test of how poor your digestion is with the test itself.  Meaning, if you need more than 3 and still do not feel the burning sensation you are in trouble!  It took us 5 capsules until we felt the burning, not good!
There you have it, HCL and why you have to have it.
Got questions, contact Body Solutions today!