Weightloss despite no thyroid | Body Solutions
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Weightloss despite no thyroid

Real People, Real Results…

“It all started about 3 years ago shortly after I gave birth to my second son. (Well, really it was a problem as long as I can remember, but for this story!!) I was on a mission to lose the baby weight, plus the weight I had gained in between my children. I lost the weight without exercising, and stayed at a very comfortable weight for about a year then started having several auto-immune symptoms. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (Hyper-Thyroidism) I was very sick at this point. High blood pressure, high heart rate, rash all over my legs. Not to mention I was not exercising and was not eating healthy at all. After rounds of medicine to “cool me off”, then bring me back up because I was “too low”, radioactive iodine treatments, then finally the removal of my Thyroid all together my weight had fluctuated in a 100lb range. I was miserable, needed help and had no idea how to manage weight loss while having no thyroid. I met Matt Terry with Body Solutions and after speaking with him about my goals and obstacles in the way we worked together to get me healthy. I stayed with Matt’s program under his supervision for 8 months. In that time I learned more about nutrition than I probably learned my whole life. We cycled through different plans and learned how my body responded the best. I feel confident moving forward that I will be able to maintain the losses I have while continuing to lose. I have learned that at my current weight (which is about 20 lbs more than my lowest weight) that I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life, and the most tone and fit because I am feeding my body real food, and I am exercising. Food and exercise are now the #1 priority in my life. I plan to teach my children all about nutrition so they can possibly be free from auto-immune disorders in their adult lives. Basically, I feel this program has saved my life and most likely the lives of my children through proper education, and guidance!”

Results down 32 lbs of fat and 7%Body Fat*

Not having a thyroid and having autoimmune is no excuse, you can make progress. Helping people with specific health issues is something we specialize in.  We start with lab work and use that to customize your workout and nutrition program.  Need help, contact us today.

*Results may vary