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True Professional…

Real People, Real Results….

Body Solutions Overland Park, KS

“I have had several trainers over the last 5 years.  Matt Troup is one of the best!  I can only hope that he will never stop training!  Matt is one of a kind!  He listens to what you are struggling with, whether it’s keeping a routine, weight, building muscle or diet.  He takes it upon himself to do research if he doesn’t know the answer….however,  he usually knows the answers or has a positive suggestion.  He has helped me set goals and attain them.  If I ever fell off the wagon….He was my biggest cheerleader and got me right back on that wagon!  He never judged me if I fell short on my diet or my workouts.  We just worked that much harder!I am so very proud to call Matt my trainer, cheerleader and most of all my friend!  Matt, you are the best of the best!”

Dr. Richard Snow

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