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Soft Tissue Work and Being Pain Free

 Soft Tissue Work and Being Pain Free

At Body Solutions  we deal with clients in both a private and group setting.  One of the things we work on most often in the private setting is injuries.  Everyone has them, some minor, some severe.  Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love right away regardless what that activity is.  So how do we do it?  In today’s article I will go through some of the major issues and how taking 5 to 10 minutes before and after each workout will change the way you feel dramatically and will help increase your performance.
A Little Education First!
So most of the time aches and pains are primarily driven by trigger points.  A trigger point is a knot in a muscle.  To understand this completely, think of a rope.  The trigger point is like a knot in a rope and it is always attached at two points.  Now the more knots you get the tighter the rope will get, hence the more pain you have.  Now you try and stretch to alleviate the pain, which would be the same as pulling that rope with knots as tight as you can.  You think you are doing yourself a good service, when in reality you just made those knots tighter and harder to get out.  So the first thing you should do in your workout, before you stretch or do a dynamic warm up is foam roll and do some tennis ball work on the major areas of your body.  We will go through each.
How to Foam Roll

Low Back: roll 6 to 8 times, if you find a sore spot continue to hover over it-go from belt line to base of next.  Hug yourself as in the picture, this will get your Scapulae out of the way so you can hit the small muscles under them. 

Quads:  6 to 8 times, again looking for tender spots and hover over them till they go away.  Go from above your knees up to your hips.

Adductors: 6 to 8 times, again looking for tender spots and hover over them till they go away.  Go from inner portion of knee all the way up to hip.

Glutes:  6 to 8 per hip, roll in small areas back and forth.


IT bands:  this will be very painful!  Go from the knee to the hip, make sure to stay completely on your side and not roll inward with the shoulders to take pressure of the IT band.

Piriformis tennis ball work:  This will help release most back pain right away.  You can do this lying or standing against the wall.

We recommend doing these exercises before and after your workout and watch any low back and hip pain go away.  You should notice a difference your first week.  Like anything, ease into it and if you notice bruising (up your Iron & Zinc content!) and back off abit.  Like always, you have questions post them!
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