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Sleep it Off For Fat Loss

Sleep it Off For Fat Loss Fat Loss Overland Park KS

Having trouble losing fat?  Well first make sure you are:
1. in a caloric deficit
2. eating the right food choices
3. doing both strength and cardio weekly (5 hours a week of activity is the goal)
4. watching your sugar intake to either at breakfast or before and after workout
5. no more than 1 to 2 drinks weekly
6. sleep at least 8 hours each night
Now if you can say yes I am doing all 5 and you are still stuck (which 90% of you wouldnt be) most of you will say no on number 6.  And even if you said yes to the last one the next question would be, what quality of sleep are you getting?
At Body Solutions we deal with people of all backgrounds and any issue and what we have found most often is people in general do not sleep enough or sleep poorly.  Why is this important?  Well when you sleep well you a) produce more growth hormone which allows your body to lose more fat b) recover from exercise and daily stresses c) calm your central nervous system.  All these things equal greater and easier fat loss.
If you don’t sleep that often or sleep badly your appetite will be artificially bigger than normal, will gain body fat, and you will constantly crave sugar and starches.  This is because the body’s sympathetic nervous system is always aroused in that fight or flight mode and it needs a quick energy source, sugar, to keep the alarm system up and running something we see alot!
When people start sleeping better they usually lose more fat and weight right away.  Also make sure you take zinc and magnesium on an empty stomach before bed (about 30 minutes out) your sleep quality will dramatically increase.  Look for a supplement called ZMA.
Studies have shown when you are stressed your body is rapidly depleted of Zinc, hence why you get sick when you sleep badly or are very stressed. Zinc is actually much more important for immune system function than Vitamin C.
There you have it, make sure you are sleeping AND make sure the sleep quality is high and watch the fat start to fall off!
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