Rapid Fat Loss! | Body Solutions
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Rapid Fat Loss!

Real People, Real Results…

 Day 1
Weight – 202 lbs
Body Fat – 30.5%

90 days later….

Weight – 177 lbs
Body Fat –16.4%*

 Ben’s 90 day program is finished and wow some amazing results here too! Working with Matt Terry,  He lost over 25 pounds of fat, over 7 inches off his waist and cut his body fat in half!  This was a 90 day program and like most things in life a few things got in the way.  Ben injured his back missing one week of training and had to travel for some weddings missing another week.  So most of this work was actually accomplished in about 10 weeks.  At Body Solutions we focus on real results as fast & safely as possible.  If you are ready for some dramatic changes contact us today for your free consultto find out how we can help you!

*Results may vary