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Pain Free!

Real People, Real Results…

Body Solutions Overland Park, KS

 Stephanie Dunfee shares this amazing story about being pain free via Trigger Point Therapy

“Miracle worker, thats what I call Matt Terry.  My experience with Matt began about four months ago, when I came to him barely able to walk and in constant pain.  After a failed knee surgery, back surgery and countless hours of physical therapy I had all but reserved myself to the fact that I would ALWAYS be in pain. I must admit going into my first appointment I was skeptical that trigger point therapy and myofascial release therapy would help me.  After all, I have seen Orthopedic surgeons, Neurosurgeons and physical therapist who were all unable to alleviate my pain. I didn’t think a personal trainer in Overland park could help, but one appointment was all it took.  I got up off the table and was able to put my shoe on while standing on one leg.  This may not seem like a huge feat, but for me it was colossal!  My pain was gone!  I had been in pain for so long that I had forgot what it felt like to wake up and not have any.  Matt put a plan together that involved mixing therapy with strength training and I have been overwhelmed with my results!  I am pain free and enjoying my life again!  You have my gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you so much Matt…AKA Miracle Worker! ”

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