One on One Training | Body Solutions
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One on One Training

One on One Training
Just you and your certified private coach!  Complete and personalized attention from a Body Solutions Personal Trainer is the fastest way to achieve your goals.  Your trainer’s sole mission is to get you to your goal as fast and as safely as possible educating you along the way in regards to proper nutrition, exercise form and pushing you be successful.
Body Solutions trainers are chosen based on degrees, years of experience, multiple certifications and their ability to get results, check out our success stories here.
Some of the senior Body Solutions trainers are also Bio Signature Hormone Modulation specialists.  There are very few in the area.  Not only does Body Solutions have the most on staff but we also have the most experienced in town.    This advanced training allows your trainer to formulate the optimal supplement, nutrition and training plan to naturally assist your hormones, getting results for those individuals that nothing else has worked for.
Rates vary based on education, specialty and experience.  Trainer rates: from $70 to $90 per hour.  Half hour sessions are also available in some situations based on needs and schedule.
Trainer Backgrounds:

  • injury rehabilitation, trigger point release, Neurokinetic Therapy
  • weightloss
  • athletic performance
  • figure & bodybuilding show prep
  • nutrition coaching

Contact Body Solutions today to get started with your free consultation and find out how we can best help you reach your goals.