No time to exercise, No excuse! | Body Solutions
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No time to exercise, No excuse!

Real People, Real Results…

This success story is pretty amazing.  Danny lost 45 pounds of fat in 90 days with ZERO exercise.*  He worked with his trainer, Matt Terry, in our Bio Signature Hormone program and simply focused on the one thing he had time for right now, his nutrition.  Without doing a single workout in 90 days he lost 45 pounds of pure fat and lost zero muscle.   People can lose weight quickly but doing so without losing muscle tissue is very difficult.

He also lost 8 inches off his waist and was able to come off several medications.  Oh and his wife lost almost 20 pounds in the same time frame without exercise also.

Just goes to show you, doing something and focusing on it completely is better than doing nothing and how important nutrition can be.

What did you accomplish in the last 90 days?  If you are ready for help contact Body Solutions today for your free consult and see how we can help you!

*Results may vary