New Body after New Baby! | Body Solutions
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New Body after New Baby!

Real People, Real Results…

Matt Morando became my  trainer in the fall of 2006.  I was never athletic in high school or my twenties.  Matt changed me!!!  He gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to be healthy.  When I first began working out with Matt an Overland Park Personal Trainer, I just wanted to lose weight.  I was doing Weight Watchers and meeting with Matt every week.  He kept me going, kept me motivated and believed in me when I didn’t.  My goal was to get into a size 10 and be able to stay there.  (I was wearing a  16 when I met Matt.)  It took commitment and hard work.  I would always praise Matt for helping me lose weight and he always gave the credit right back.  He constantly reminded me that I was making all the choices, doing all the workouts, eating the right things…He was always encouraging.  He is amazing.  I now wear a size 6.  I have for several years.  I compete in adventure races and triathlons.  I never thought I could do these things.  I just wanted to set a healthy example for my kids and show them good exercise and nutrition as a way of life…
BONUS—- I now get to look good while setting the good example for my kids.”

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