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Meal Strucutre On Paleo

So now that we have some general info on what Paleo is, what foods are acceptable and why (see previous posts if you missed them) its time to learn how to eat!
As you can see from the above image its really pretty simple.  Eat this combination as described 4 to 5 times a day.  Paleo is simple, all whole foods, no bars, shakes, potions etc.  Just real, organic whole foods.
NOW, it does get a little different based on health backgrounds and goals.  So the average healthy person with a goal of weight maintenance with average activity level should eat exactly as pictured.  BUT if your goal is fat loss, on specific medications, type II diabetic we would change things.
Some of those changes are….
1. Fruit is not unlimited!  This is a mistake we see often from the new Weight Watchers to the Government’s feeble attempt at restructuring the food guide pyramid into the new serving guideline called  We typically DO NOT recommend fruit more than two servings a day for fat loss clients, or those with insulin resistance.  Fructose in unlimited quantities is very dangerous and contributes to obesity, insulin resistance and easy fat gain.  For a complete list of low fructose fruits check out the following link.  This site also does a great job of outlining the metabolism of fructose and since they did we wont 🙂 Generally we ask for clients to stick to less then 15 grams of fructose a day, which in most cases is two servings of fruit.  We don’t take it out forever, but for type II diabetics and those with insulin resistance we remove all sugar for 4 to 6 weeks then slowly reintroduce based on their measurements.
2. MORE VEGGIES!  This would apply to everyone regardless of goal.  Veggies, especially green ones contain tons of fiber, phytonutrients and many cancer preventing properties.  Plus they are low in fructose, carbs and since they are high in fiber you generally wont absorb the carbs from them anyway hence why we don’t  count them in a calorie or serving content of someones meal structure.  Plus they lower inflammation which hint = lower belly fat!
3. Watch the fats!  Now hold your horses we’re  NOT saying eat a fat free diet as that would be terrible.  You would be hungry all of the time, not be able to make new hormones as they come from cholesterol AND you would further increase your Vitamin D deficiency (which you probably already have.)  We are firm believers based on hundreds of clients nutrition programs (and some of our own) unlimited fat is dangerous.  By that we mean it is an easy way to store extra fat.  We wont go very deep into this but too much fat on the wrong metabolism will be an easy way to make you fatter!  So a general rule of thumb is one to two tablespoons max per meal!  And if you had a fattier cut of meat in the meal do not add extra fat.
That is enough for this week, give it time to digest….next week we will cover protein!  Everyone’s favorite.
Questions, contact us!