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Low Carb Paleo Options

In general Paleo is a low carb diet (provided you keep fruit to two or less servings a day and concentrate on meat, healthy fats and veggies.) Its great for fatloss, type II diabetes, insulin based PCOS, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and a host of other health problems.
But what items are carb based?  You might laugh and say “how do people not know this?”  Well you would be surprised!  I once asked a doctor to give me a list of proteins he ate for the day, on the list were carrots and peas.  Needless to say, I wouldnt see him if I had any health issues.  So dont assume people know what macros come from where, because most dont have a clue.
Carbs on the paleo diet are predominately in fruits and veggies.  There are no carbs in meats and most fats with the exception of avacodo (which is technically a fruit but has more fat and is actually very high carb) and nuts / nut butters.
Here is a list of low carb veggies of which you could have unlimited servings:

Vegetable Serving Size Useable Carb Vegetable Serving Size Useable Carb
Alfalfa Sprouts 1 cup 0 Rhubarb 1 stalk 1
Arugula 1/2 cup 0 Sauerkraut 1/2 cup 1
Raw Asparagus 4 spears 0 Bamboo shoots 1 cup 2
Baby Spinach 3 cups 0 cabbage 1 cup 2
Celery 2 stalks 0 Zucchini 1/2 cup 2
Kimchee 1/2 cup 0 Green bell pepper 1 medium 3
Pimientos 1 tspn 0 Turnips yellow 1/2 cup 3
Romaine Lettuce 1 cup 0
Water cress 1 cup 0
Boston Lettuce 1 cup 0
Cauliflower cooked 1/2 cup 1
Chinese Brocolli 1 cup 1
Garlic 1 clove 1
Green onion 3 stalks 1
Jalepeno 1/2 cup 1
Dill pickle 1 spear 1
Radicchio Raw 1 cup 1

Again meats, most veggies and fats you really dont have to worry about.  Your carbs will mainly come from fruits.  So if fatloss is your goal keep your fruits to 2 or less a day and the veggies listed as high as possible.
Some of you might be asking about legumes?  Remember there are no dairy, legumes or whole grains allowed in paleo so thats not an issue.  To recap why read the previous articles I wrote.
People ask how many carbs do I need to take in to lose fat?  That is totally dependent on gender, bodyfat level, activity level and age.  A general rule of thumb is keep it under 100 to 50 until you start losing fat.
Thats it for this week, got questions, post em!