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I learned how to eat!

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Body Solutions Overland Park, KS

“Working with the Matt has taught me how to eat.  If you met me a few months ago you could tell I obviously knew how to put food in my mouth!  But I didnt really understand how it would affect me.  I mean we all “think” we know what to do and how to exercise.   Being a nurse I have said that thousands of times to patients.  Now with Matt’s guidance through nutrition I finally see how to eat to get results, be healthy, and how I really had no IDEA how involved nutrition was and how to take control of it.  Now that I am seeing results and my nutrition is under control every time a new patient asks me about how to eat I just refer them to Matt.  I have yet to ask him something he doesnt know the answer to and based off what he had to struggle with in his own life and how he maintains his own weight, I have full confidence knowing he delivers the right guidance for not just weight loss but over all health.  I can say (until now of course!) as a health  professional, looking back at my “knowledge” of nutrition I am truly embarrassed about how much I didnt know.  But all of that has changed.  Thank you Matt!”

Rebecca R.


Down 3 sizes in two months

 Body Fat down 3%

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