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Real People, Real Results….

Matt’s 90 day program is complete.   He lost over 54 pounds of fat*, over 10 inches off his waist and cut his body fat down from 40% to 22% in 90 days! It is truly an amazing story.    Besides his amazing physical results, his fitness improvements have also been dramatic.  When his program first began he could barely jog 30 seconds,  and bench press 95 pounds.   During his 90 day transformation he ran a 5k in under 40 minutes and benched 215 pounds.    At Lean Physiques we focus on real results as fast & safely as possible.  If you are ready for some dramatic changes contact us today for your free consult to find out how we can help you!

Matt day 1  267 lbs, 40.2% bodyfat with a 49 inch waist

90 days later…

54 pounds of fat lighter, down 18% bodyfat and 10 inches off his waist!

*Results may vary