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How to Hire a Trainer in Overland Park KS?

How to Hire a Trainer in Overland Park KS?
Trainer in Overland Park KS

What do I look for when hiring a personal trainer?  This is a really common question.  What to look for, what certifications are good, do I need a trainer with a degree, etc.  Like all industries you have some great trainers, then you have some not so great trainers.   But unlike most industries you could have someone with a degree, multiple certifications and years of experience calling themselves a trainer and you could have someone who just took an online course got “certified” and they are now on the same level from the untrained eye.  Not so fast!
 Step 1 on hiring a trainer.
Look for a degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Athletic Training etc.  These are all degrees related to human performance.  But don’t stop there!  I remember when I first graduated college, I was already certified as a trainer, had an exercise degree, played college football, was an Olympic Athlete and still really had no idea how to train someone or structure an exercise program!
 Step 2 on hiring a trainer.
Look for certifications.  This can be tricky as there are over 300 but look for these acronyms;  CSCS, NSCA, NASM, ACE, RTS, MAT.  Again there are countless others but these are some of the most credible.
Step 3 on hiring a trainer.
Once you have found someone you feel is credible through education and certifications, interview him or her.  How does their program begin?  Do they do assessments, measurements, or screenings?  Did they interview you on your goals, medications, medical background, injury history and nutrition?  Do they do on-going measurements to review your progress?  If you feel pain during an exercise does he/she know what is happening, what is causing you pain and how to change the exercise to your level?  These are all things any trainer should do and know.  Most will not however which is unfortunate.
 Step 4 on hiring a trainer.
What are some things you should expect from your trainer?  He/she should never be late, on a cell phone, should keep some kind of notes or records during your session.  Your trainer should communicate with you about your SESSION and goals not what they did last night, who they are dating, etc.
 Step 5 on hiring a trainer.
How much does a trainer cost? It varies based on location, affiliations, education and certifications.  A baseline competent trainer charges around $40 to $60.  Very good trainers will charge more $80 to $100.  Trainers who charge more get better results, have more experience, and are very professional.  Now this is typically the case, you will have frauds trying to charge a ton and some great trainers charging very little but honestly this is very very rare.  Great trainers charge more for a reason: they work with specific clientele, they can do things other trainers cannot, they can get you to your goal, they are true fitness professionals.
Body Solutions Overland Park Personal Trainers: summary
When looking for a trainer look for education, certs, years of experience and ask to look at success stories of other clients that have similar goals to you.   Ask for your consultation and interview the trainer, look at his/her assessments and establish a training schedule.  Your trainer should be able to give you some idea of how long your program will take to see some progress.  If none of these things happen, RUN!
If you have questions or are ready to start your training, contact Body Solutions today for your free consult and experience all the things great trainers do with their clients.
To your success!