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How Bad is Alcohol for me Really??

How Bad is Alcohol for me Really??How Bad is Alcohol?

Besides that fact that you could end up like the guy in the pic on the right, the answer is usually the same, “terrible!”  But perhaps a little education on why that’s our answer.  A majority of clients come to Lean Physiques for results and they want them yesterday! And those results are usually fat loss.   Educating and accountability are what helps us get them there quickly.   Understanding what alcohol really does to your body in terms of aesthetics should help you understand why you should avoid it.  Keep in mind we are focusing on a fat loss perspective…
 Reason Why Alcohol is terrible for fat loss #1
It stops it for up to 12 to 16 hours.  Yes this is true and has been documented most recently by Dr. Mauro Pasquale MD.   In a nutshell, once alcohol enters your body, your body must stop processing all other nutrients (fat, protein, carbs, etc) until the alcohol has been metabolized.  This can last for the 12 to 16 hour window, delaying breakdown of what you have just eaten.  So if you are like most people and you happen to eat items you probably shouldn’t be plus drinking alcohol you have some serious problems.   Now imagine if you had a drink daily for a week, you wouldn’t be able to metabolize stored fat till day 9!  See our lecture on it here.
Reason Why Alcohol is terrible for fat loss #2
You don’t sleep properly.  When you sleep normally you release growth hormone which feeds on body fat.  This also helps your body to recover and restore Cortisol levels (belly fat hormone) to a normal level.   But when you drink your sleep patterns are disrupted and you never actually enter deep REM sleep.  Now you don’ t release growth hormone, Cortisol remains high and to top it all off you will now crave sugar!  That’s right another awesome side effect of not sleeping is your body is further stressed and the Sympathetic nervous system is aroused and it needs a fast acting energy source, sugar.  So when you don’t sleep your appetite will be artificially higher and you will crave carbs.  Congrats on that lifestyle choice.
Reason Why Alcohol is terrible for fat loss # 3
As we mentioned in number 2 it affects hormones.  Another huge hormone that becomes suppressed with alcohol consumption is testosterone.  With this lower your body loses muscle mass, gains fat easier and has a hard time recovering from exercise and daily stress.  Not good unless you wanted those man boobs,  knock yourself out.
Reason Why Alcohol is terrible for fat loss #4
Well if you made it this far on this list we either did a horrible job educating you or you may be an alcoholic.  As if the others were not bad enough that last reason is alcohol is sugar.  And like any other sugar it halts fat loss in its tracts.  With the extra glucose floating around in the blood stream Insulin has to react, when it comes out the fat loss party is over as Insulin is a storage hormone.  Since you are not going to exercise and burn off that glucose, Insulin is going to park it in a fat cell for later use.  Whoops…
Body Solutions Overland Park Personal Trainers:  Alcohol is terrible for fat loss summary
Now we are human and understand you will probably have a drink again.  The best one, and this may sound funny, is to drink the strongest one you can find because you won’t be able to drink that much!  Funny but true.  Look for wine first, clear liquors second and beer unfortunately should be a distant third.  Or go back to those college days and just pound a few shots really quickly as soon as you enter said establishment and get it over early!
So yes we realize there are health benefits for drinking, but there are many more negatives associated with it.  And remember this is from a fat loss standpoint, not general health.  Exercise has far more health benefits that drinking ever will.
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