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fat loss success with thyroid issues

Real People, Real Results
Despite having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and being a busy mother, entrepenuer and traveler Barb still managed to lose over 15 lbs of fat in 90 days by changing her nutrition.  Health concerns and busy schedules are not roadblocks, only excuses.  Make a change today!
“Working on a little Paleo Taco Salad for dinner tonight… had my 12-week weigh in with Matt Terry today. A total of 16 pounds of body fat lost in 12 weeks! * Seriously, if you haven’t been to see him, or read any of his blog posts on Meals by the Week, you need to check it out. I feel better than I have in years – eating real food and healing through nutrition. — feeling wonderful.”
Lost 16 lbs of fat and 3 inches off the waist.
Do you have a health condition and need help with your nutrition or exercise program, contact us today!
*Results may vary