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Fat Loss at 50!

Real People, Real Results…

Body Solutions Overland Park, KS

“As I approached my 50th birthday, I decided to get off the couch and make one last attempt to regain the fitness of “my youth.” After attempting to learn golf on my own with no success, I decided that I wouldn’t make the same mistake in my fitness program.  So I started my research for the “perfect” personal trainer.  My criteria was as follows: 1) educational credentials in the personal training field, 2) background as a competitive athlete 3) offered a well rounded fitness program including nutrition information as well as workout information, and 4) several years of experience getting people results.  That “perfect” personal trainer turned out to be Matt Terry.  My first six weeks, I dipped my toes into getting into better shape meeting with him twice a week.  During this short time I have lost of 20 pounds and 3 inches off my waist!*

I like to think of Matt as a restoration fitness expert not a personal trainer.  Most restorers (whether its art, cars, house, etc) look at their subject not as how it looks now, but what it can be or what it once was and should be again.  It takes a finite period of time for the restoration after which the restorer moves on to his or her next project.  Matt takes that same approach.  His goal is NOT to make you dependent on him forever, but instead to provide you with the foundation and education for you to manage your own fitness program.

Without a doubt Matt has made a positive impact on my fitness and well being.  Would I recommend him to others? Absolutley, and I have.  If your serious about changing your body and want a true professional that can help you make it happen, hes the guy.”

Chuck M.

Final Results:

lost 41 pounds

leg pressed 600 pounds 10 times

lost a total of 28 inches

went from 24% bodyfat to 14%

Not bad for a 50 year old marathon runner!

No matter your age its never too late to start!  Contact us today for your free consult!

*Results may vary