Billy Butler Bio Signature Success Story | Body Solutions
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Billy Butler Bio Signature Success Story

Real People, Real Results…

Billy Butler just completed his bio signature program and was a huge success.  He began working with Matt Terry during the All-star break.  He began by supporting his wife, Katie, who was also working with Matt.  Billy quickly saw results and was amazed at how fast he was recovering.*

“The program works unbelievably fast!  I have never felt so strong, recovered so well and been this lean.  Matt knows exactly how to manipulate nutrition for fatloss and gaining muscle.  I feel great and couldn’t be happier with my success. I cant wait to keep going through the off season!”

We kept his program quiet until the season was over but in 8 weeks he pulled off right at 5% bodyfat, 13 lbs of fat, gained 6 pounds of lean tissue and lost 3 inches off his waist, in season, during a playoff hunt! The Royals training staff validated his success by their own measurements each week of the program.

And if you watch baseball you saw that in the 2nd half of the season not only did his batting average improve but you also saw him begin to get infield hits.  A first in his career…

You can get the same help that professional athletes are turning to,  contact us today to get started!

*Results may vary