Bacon: to eat or not to eat? | Body Solutions
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Bacon: to eat or not to eat?

Common question and like most answers, it’s a long one!  The acceptable meats are Paleo are:

  • chicken
  • lean beef
  • lean pork
  • eggs
  • turkey and all white meats
  • all wild game versions (bore, elk, deer, etc)
  • fish-wild caught or bpa free canned versions
  • bison

The rule of thumb is no “Frankenstein foods” so no hot dogs and processed meats.  They really should be naturally occurring.  So this would leave out sausage but technically if its organic and nitrate free I have no problem with it in moderation.
Now back to bacon.  Yes bacon is fine IF it is organic and nitrate free.  Nitrates (or sodium nitrates) are preservatives in processed meats and are thought to lead to cancer along with an increase in Atherosclerosis (build up of plague in the arteries of the heart and linked to heart disease.)  This however is debatable and  has some new research coming that says nitrates might not be so bad after all, but for now I would still avoid nitrates.  Cigarettes aren’t going to cause cancer having one smoke but I still wouldn’t recommend them to people.
The other concern with bacon or other meats are the high cholesterol and saturated fat content in relation to heart disease.  This is one of the greatest myths of our time and has zero scientific research to support it.  To argue that is way too long for this post but if you want the research and studies behind it read, “The Great Cholesterol Myth” by Johnny Bowden PH.D, and Stephen Sinatra M.D. & a board certified Cardiologist.  If you take a Statin or have high cholesterol you should read it immediately.
Have questions post em!