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Amazing Knowledge!

Real People, Real Results…

Body Solutions Overland Park, KS

“Working with Matt Terry has been UNREAL!! I have worked with many other trainers in Overland Park and all over the country.  None have even come close to Matt’s knowledge of anatomy, bio-mechanics and overall functionality of the body.  It is great to be able to talk shop with a fellow anatomy nerd and know full well he understands completely what is going on with my body.  For example, I played Division 1 football at a very large college.   I had a left glute and hamstring issue that could never be fixed by the athletic training staff OR the Exercise Physiology Department head who had his PHD in kinesiology.  In our FIRST appointment Matt noticed I was not moving correctly, immediately isolated the problem and had me stop everything until it was stronger.  Going into our third week of training my glute issue that had plagued me for years was now GONE!  My body fat has gone down 4% in 4 weeks and all of my lifts have gone up dramatically.  I have never met someone so knowledgeable in his/her craft.  He is a true genius and professional.  I recommend him to any of my patients without hesitation and and grateful to have worked with him.   My only regret is not finding him sooner. “

Dr. Humburg M.D.

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